Petrol fuel price as on 28 May 2024 - Tuesday in Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (India, Bhaarat, Bharat, Hindustan)

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The Petrol Price for today (28 May 2024 - Tuesday) in Bangalore is:

Rs.101.94 per litre

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The Petrol in Bangalore (Bengaluru, Karnataka) is available today at the rate INR Rs.101.94/L (One Hundred One Point Nine Four Indian Rupees per litre), and there was no change in the price from last day. The price for Petrol fuel in Bangalore was changed to Rs.101.94 on June 01, 2022 and is unchanged since 727 days.

Did you know:

The city Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru, while the state Karnataka is also known as KA.

* This Petrol price was last updated on 28 May 2024 6:00 AM. The prices are indicative, and may vary a bit basis the different Petrol Pump Stations.

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