Petrol fuel price as on 30 May 2023 - Tuesday in India (a.k.a. India, Bhaarat, Bharat, Hindustan)

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The Petrol Price for today (30 May 2023 - Tuesday) in India is:

Rs.96.72 per litre

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* This price is basis the Price in New Delhi, which is the Capital of the country India. Price last updated on 30 May 2023 6:00 AM.

Did you know:

The original name of India is Bharat.

The country "Bharat" got the names "India" and "Hindustan" by the Invaders. The name "India" was given by mainly the "British and East India Company (EIC)" formed by British military (Army) with the support of Anti-nationals people within the country by using Divide-and-rule strategy. However "Hindustan" was given by the Mughals and similar Invaders.

The original name of the country "India" is "Bharat" and "Bharatvarsh", as named since the Life started on earth and so is the Universe.

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