Fetterman-Oz Pennsylvania Senate debate: Updates

On Tuesday night, Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman debated for the last time this autumn in Pennsylvania's Senate contest, which could tip Congress' equally divided top chamber.

The Nexstar-hosted discussion focused on Fetterman's health after he suffered a stroke in May that sidelined him for three months and left him with speech problems.

Fetterman had monitors on stage to capture words in real time and stated early in the hour that he might stumble and confuse his remarks. Neurologists say stroke survivors often have auditory processing challenges with spoken language, which he is working on with a speech therapist.

Fetterman cited a doctor's note stating he was ready for "full duty" and depicted his stroke as a struggle many others had overcome.

"My campaign fights for Pennsylvanians who have fallen and gotten back up. I'm also defending Pennsylvania's forgotten communities "he said.

Dr. Oz, a renowned TV broadcaster, promised "balance" in Washington in his farewell speech.

"Surgeon, not politician. We tackle huge issues by uniting, not separating. That advances us, "said.

He and Fetterman debated abortion access, public safety, crime, inflation, the minimum wage, and which candidate was sincere.

Fetterman called Oz's lying the "Oz rule" in debates and on TV. Oz countered that Fetterman's "dishonest" commercial against him was pulled while his campaign was not.

Oz called Fetterman's attacks on him on abortion restrictions and Social Security and Medicare cuts, which he opposed, "fear-mongering."

Fetterman often invoked Oz's wealth, several homes, and lack of state roots to portray him as out-of-town and out-of-touch. "It's about serving Pennsylvania," he stated.

Oz reiterated that Fetterman was a "radical" for seeking state-wide answers. He called Fetterman weak on crime and public safety, citing his Pennsylvania parole board record. He stated Fetterman would harm the energy business.

Fetterman said he supports fracking, contradicting his 2018 statement, and said he had successfully reduced gun violence while mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Fetterman said he intended to reinstate and legalize Roe v. Wade's abortion rules, which the Supreme Court overturned this summer.

Oz opposed Republican calls for a federal abortion ban. He calls himself "pro-life" and opposes most abortions, yet Fetterman supported tax-subsidized abortions into the third trimester.

He called Fetterman extremist on abortion and other matters.

Fetterman said he supported Roe's rules and should be the candidate for pro-choice voters, whereas Oz would restrict abortion.

Fetterman cut into Oz's time to link him to gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, but Oz rebutted him. Oz said Fetterman was "scaring" women.

Fetterman also backed a $15-an-hour state minimum wage. Oz proposed "unleashing" the state's energy corporations to raise the minimum wage even higher.

FiveThirtyEight's average now has Fetterman up by 3 points, down from nearly 11 six weeks ago.

Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2022,
Author: Muruganandam

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