Lucky Stone for Tuesday

According to the Vedic Astrology, every day has a Stone associated to it, and wearing that stone before going out which brings a good luck. Find out what's the Food Item of the day.

The Stone for Tuesday is:

Red Coral, Carnelian

Know more about Tuesday:

It's Tuesday, and you should wear Saffron (Kesariya) Colour today. Saffron gives us our zest and energy. On Tuesday, eating Gud before going out is highly recommended. Astrologists advise to avoid Tuesdays for weddings, traveling, conception, and also for the negotiations. However Tuesday is a great day for Administrative, hard laborious work, Direct discussions, and meetings with the Police and Army personnel. The best color for Tuesday is Saffron, and wearing saffron colored dresses and keeping red/orange flowers at home are highly recommended on Tuesdays.

Tuesday FAQs

Q. Who is the God of Tuesday?

"Maa Durga, Goddess Kali, and Lord Hanuman" is the God of Tuesdays.

Q. Which Planet (Graha) is associated with Tuesday?

Mars (Mangal Grah) is associated with the Tuesday.

Q. Which Food-item is associated with Tuesday?

Jaggery (Gud), and Vegetarian food is associated with the Tuesday.

Q. Which Stone is lucky for Tuesday?

Red Coral, Carnelian is considered lucky for Tuesday.

4,11,18,25 October 2022

By Franklin Lira

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