Budget Reaction from Tata Motors, Views | Budget Reaction - Indian Union Budget 2022-23

Check out this amazing budget introduction from Tata Motors! As you can tell, they're super happy about the government's long-term policy of focusing on growth, inclusiveness, promoting tech-enabled development, productivity enhacement and energy transition.

Budget 2022 is an articulation of purposeful intent enabled by a clear action plan. Building on the excellent budget of last year, the government has wisely continued on the path of prioritizing economic growth with calibrated fiscal prudence. For the Indian automobile sector, which is a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP, the budget offers continuity and also additional opportunities to drive multi-year growth.

Specifically, the robust increase in capex by 35.4% to Rs. 7.5 lakh crore and a comprehensive investment plan for infrastructure is a significant growth booster. Additionally, the launch of the well-conceived PM Gati Shakti program for multi modal transport including 100 cargo terminals and investments in 25000Kms of highways, apart from investments in ports and metros is an excellent development that will help create a world class transport infrastructure in the country. This will reduce logistics costs and transit times, increase employment and make us globally competitive with avenues for better and efficient mobility solutions. Additionally, plans to create EV charging infrastructure including national policy for battery swapping which when combined with the already announced Automotive PLI scheme, furthers the agenda for green mobility.

Tata Motors welcomes this balanced, thought through budget.

Last Updated: 7 Feb, 2022,
Author: Muruganandam

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