Lucky Stone for Monday

According to the Vedic Astrology, every day has a Stone associated to it, and wearing that stone before going out which brings a good luck. Find out what's the Food Item of the day.

The Stone for Monday is:

Moonstone, Pearl and Conch

Know more about Monday:

Monday is considered to be ruled by "God Shiva", who is the Creator and Destroyer of Whole Universe, Teacher of Wisdom, First Shankaracharya and Adiyogi. On Monday, looking at mirror before going out is highly recommended. The best color for Monday is white, and wearing white dresses and keeping white flowers at home are also highly recommended on Mondays. Taking honey and cucumber on Mondays is also likely to yield good results.

Monday FAQs

Q. Who is the God of Monday?

"God Shiv (Lord Shiva)" is the God of Mondays.

Q. Which Planet (Graha) is associated with Monday?

Moon (Chandrama/Chandra Grah) is associated with the Monday.

Q. Which Food-item is associated with Monday?

Honey and Cucumber is associated with the Monday.

Q. Which Stone is lucky for Monday?

Moonstone, Pearl and Conch is considered lucky for Monday.

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