Martha Stewart agrees to date Pete Davidson

Martha Stewart agrees to date Pete Davidson

Theoretically, Martha Stewart wouldn't mind dating Pete Davidson.

On her daytime talk show, Drew Barrymore requested the lifestyle guru to wave flags in response to a series of questions on dating. Green meant "yes," red meant "no," and yellow meant "on the fence."

Stewart raised her hand when asked if she would date a man with as many tattoos as Davidson.

What about going out with Davidson himself? Green flag, too.

Barrymore mentioned that "there's a thing on the internet" where individuals have voiced their desire for Stewart, 81, and Davidson, 28, to date each other.

Stewart replied, "He's dated so many women. "I don't mean to say that's awful. That's good, in my opinion. He's also kind of cute.

She claimed to be familiar with Davidson and recalled that the two of them had attended the "Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber" in 2015.

Stewart remarked, "He was this tiny twerp on the Bieber roast". He was even more outrageous than Justin Bieber.

It doesn't sound encouraging even if she claimed to believe Davidson is "a very wonderful man" who knows how to "get in and get out."

Stewart stated, "He's like my lost son."

Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2022,
Author: Muruganandam

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