How Amazon did Fraud with a CTO of Tech Company

Like every other day, Mr. Jiveshwar Sharma, Founder & CTO of, was eagerly waiting for the courier to arrive on March 4, 2022. He was about to get an order for Rs.80,000 worth of Pure Silver Dinner Set from Amazon India.

The courier arrived with a small package containing Haldiram snacks valued around Rs.100. Shocked, Jiveshwar called the customer service number and was transferred to an executive who said she would look into the matter and call him back and assured to get the case resolved within 3 days. Jiveshwar trusted Amazon, as he was ordering on Amazon since 5+ years and he never faced such type of issue. However the Customer Service Team didn't get back to Jiveshwar till March 7, 2022.

Jiveshwar himself then contacted Amazon India Customer Service the next day on March 8, where Amazon Customer Service Team told him he won't receive any refund, as Amazon Fulfilment Center sent the items correctly.

"What rubbish! Seriously! Are you kidding me?" - Jiveshwar had the same reaction when he heard from Amazon Customer Service Team that they won't be refunding his hard-earned money Rs.80,000.

Jiveshwar then esclated the issue to Amazon Social Media and Senior Management Teams, along with all the proofs (that anyone can have maximum).

  1. Delivery Boy Name, Photo, Phone number, entry time from the entry log inside Visitors Logbook as entered by the Society Guard

  2. See these Package Box snapshots. There's no way a 10 inch wide Plate along with other Utensils can come inside this small Box. It's clearly printed on the Box on main side that "Pure Silver Dinner Set" is there inside and Seller name is mentioned "MAA SILVER", while on the side sticker it says "Haldiram Mix 2 Packets".

    The Package box dimensions were very small and it can never contain a 10-inch wide Plate and Dinner set, which introduced a doubt in the mind of Jiveshwar and he then asked his family member to shoot its Unboxing video, which was all under his CCTV camera outside his home right after Delivery Agent delivered the item.

    As Delivery agents always refuses and this agent as well refused to open the packet in front of the Receiver, agent just took the OTP and put the Package box on the Table outside the Home of Jiveshwar, and left. After knowing the Package box contains Haldiram Mix Snacks, Jiveshwar sent the Shot Unboxing Video, All Photos, and CCTV Camera footages to Amazon via email (and insisted not to include publicly due to their privacy purposes).
  3. Jiveshwar insisted Amazon that from his Society CCTV footage they can verify that the same delivery executive delivered the item at the same time, in the same package box. Which Amazon India has refused.
  4. Jiveshwar added that he also asked Amazon to verify the Fingerprints on the package and that will bring-out the truth that the package was delivered by the Same Delivery Boy mentioned at the same time, which again Amazon India has refused to do.

In short, it seems Amazon India Higher Authorities and Internal Investigation Team members are involved in such High-cost Products Scam, and they have been looting the Customers across India at different times.

Now Jiveshwar has been working on the Legal Case against Amazon. Amazon India has deeply broken his Trust, and he is very much sure to not order anything from Amazon now onwards. Also he said he is working on Educating People that how Amazon cheats Indians and avoid ordering from Amazon eventually.

We highly recommend not to buy any product from #Amazon now, since there is a huge #Scam going inside #AmazonIndia 



Last Updated: 18 Oct, 2022,
Author: Muruganandam

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