544 DTC Bus Route Delhi (Sarojini Nagar Depot - Badarpur MB Road) - Delhi Transport Bus & Private Bus schedule information and time table Details:

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Route Details for DTC Bus Number 544:

Starting Point: Sarojini Nagar Depot
End Point: Badarpur MB Road

Stand Wise Route Details for DTC Route 544:

Stop 1: Sarojini Nagar Depot

Stop 2: Sarojini Nagar M.Blk

Stop 3: Sarojini Nagar I-Blk

Stop 4: SN Market

Stop 5: Sarojini Nagar Police Station

Stop 6: Sarojini Nagar A-Blk

Stop 7: AIIMS

Stop 8: South Extension

Stop 9: Andrews Ganj

Stop 10: Shiv Mandir

Stop 11: Ayur Vigyan Nagar

Stop 12: Uday Park

Stop 13: Kamla Nehru College

Stop 14: Shri Fort Road

Stop 15: Khel Gaon

Stop 16: Panch Sheel Enclave

Stop 17: Chirag Delhi

Stop 18: Sheikh Sarai Phase -II

Stop 19: Pushpa Bhawan

Stop 20: Madan Gir Police Station

Stop 21: Madan Gir

Stop 22: Pusp Vihar

Stop 23: Laxmi Market

Stop 24: Ambedkar Nagar Terminal

Stop 25: Ambedkar Nagar Depot

Stop 26: Devli Road Xing

Stop 27: Vayusena Bad

Stop 28: Sangam Vihar

Stop 29: Hamdard Nagar

Stop 30: Air Force Station

Stop 31: Tughlaka Bad Village

Stop 32: Kaya-Maya Hospital

Stop 33: Okhla More

Stop 34: Prem Nagar

Stop 35: Lal Kuan

Stop 36: Suraj Kund More

Stop 37: Pehladpur

Stop 38: Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

Stop 39: Badarpur Police Station

Stop 40: Badarpur MB Road

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Returning Route Details for DTC Bus Number 544:

Starting Point: Badarpur MB Road
End Point: Sarojini Nagar Depot

Stand Wise Returning Route Details for DTC Route 544:

Stop 1: Badarpur MB Road

Stop 2: Badarpur Police Station

Stop 3: Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

Stop 4: Pehladpur

Stop 5: Suraj Kund More

Stop 6: Lal Kuan

Stop 7: Prem Nagar

Stop 8: Okhla More

Stop 9: Kaya-Maya Hospital

Stop 10: Tughlaka Bad Village

Stop 11: Air Force Station

Stop 12: Hamdard Nagar

Stop 13: Sangam Vihar

Stop 14: Vayusena Bad

Stop 15: Devli Road Xing

Stop 16: Ambedkar Nagar Depot

Stop 17: Ambedkar Nagar Terminal

Stop 18: Laxmi Market

Stop 19: Pusp Vihar

Stop 20: Madan Gir

Stop 21: Madan Gir Police Station

Stop 22: Pushpa Bhawan

Stop 23: Sheikh Sarai Phase -II

Stop 24: Chirag Delhi

Stop 25: Panch Sheel Enclave

Stop 26: Khel Gaon

Stop 27: Shri Fort Road

Stop 28: Kamla Nehru College

Stop 29: Uday Park

Stop 30: Ayur Vigyan Nagar

Stop 31: Shiv Mandir

Stop 32: Andrews Ganj

Stop 33: South Extension

Stop 34: AIIMS

Stop 35: Sarojini Nagar A-Blk

Stop 36: Sarojini Nagar Police Station

Stop 37: SN Market

Stop 38: Sarojini Nagar I-Blk

Stop 39: Sarojini Nagar M.Blk

Stop 40: Sarojini Nagar Depot

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