104 DTC Bus Route Delhi (Shivaji Stadium - Jharoda Village) - Delhi Transport Bus & Private Bus schedule information and time table Details:

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Route Details for DTC Bus Number 104:

Starting Point: Shivaji Stadium
End Point: Jharoda Village

Stand Wise Route Details for DTC Route 104:

Stop 1: Shivaji Stadium

Stop 2: Super Bazar

Stop 3: Scindia House

Stop 4: Max Mueller Bhawan

Stop 5: Firozshah Road

Stop 6: Mandi House

Stop 7: Lady Irwin College

Stop 8: ITO (BSZ Marg)

Stop 9: Express Building

Stop 10: Delhi Gate

Stop 11: Dariya Ganj

Stop 12: Jama Masjid

Stop 13: Red Fort

Stop 14: GPO

Stop 15: Kashmiri Gate

Stop 16: ISBT

Stop 17: Ludlow Castle

Stop 18: Exchange Store

Stop 19: IP College

Stop 20: Old Secretariat

Stop 21: Civil Line

Stop 22: Khyber Pass

Stop 23: Mall RD.

Stop 24: Khalsa College

Stop 25: GTB Nagar

Stop 26: Dhaka Village

Stop 27: Nirankari Colony

Stop 28: Nirankari Sant Sarovar

Stop 29: Jharoda Dairy

Stop 30: Jharoda Village

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Returning Route Details for DTC Bus Number 104:

Starting Point: Jharoda Village
End Point: Shivaji Stadium

Stand Wise Returning Route Details for DTC Route 104:

Stop 1: Jharoda Village

Stop 2: Jharoda Dairy

Stop 3: Nirankari Sant Sarovar

Stop 4: Nirankari Colony

Stop 5: Dhaka Village

Stop 6: GTB Nagar

Stop 7: Khalsa College

Stop 8: Mall RD.

Stop 9: Khyber Pass

Stop 10: Civil Line

Stop 11: Old Secretariat

Stop 12: IP College

Stop 13: Exchange Store

Stop 14: Ludlow Castle

Stop 15: ISBT

Stop 16: Kashmiri Gate

Stop 17: GPO

Stop 18: Red Fort

Stop 19: Jama Masjid

Stop 20: Dariya Ganj

Stop 21: Delhi Gate

Stop 22: Express Building

Stop 23: ITO (BSZ Marg)

Stop 24: Lady Irwin College

Stop 25: Mandi House

Stop 26: Firozshah Road

Stop 27: Max Mueller Bhawan

Stop 28: Scindia House

Stop 29: Super Bazar

Stop 30: Shivaji Stadium

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